cTc comprises a strategic alliance between carl TONKS consulting, cTc Transport Planning and cTc Europe permitting a sharing of resources, information, contacts and experience.  This alliance enables each company to offer a range of capability and resource to more easily cater for our Clients' varying requirements, both technically and geographically.

carl TONKS consulting

carl TONKS consulting offers transportation and traffic advice, predominantly (although not exclusively) in connection with property development and regeneration.  The Company is formed around Carl's experience and expertise which spans over 30 years and covers all corners of the UK.

Our consultancy services include pre-feasibility advice, strategic site promotion and support for planning applications, including liaisons with highway authorities and Expert Witness services for strategic promotion and Planning Appeals.

A copy of Carl's curriculum vitae is available for download, below;

CJT CV - 2023

carl TONKS consulting is a trading name of Carl Tonks Limited, registered in England and Wales as Company Number 08048957.

cTc Transport Planning

cTc Transport Planning is also a Transport Planning consultancy and offers similar and complimentary services to those offered by carl TONKS consulting.  In particular, cTc Transport Planning specialises in providing traffic and transport advice and support to developers in Wales, the Welsh border counties and Scotland, along with transport research services to property portfolio managers throughout the UK.

cTc Transport Planning investigating abnormal load delivery routes to construction sites, in this example just to the south of Aberdeen.

cTc Transport Planning Limited is registered in England and Wales as Company Number 08490578.

cTc Europe

cTc Europe comprises a foot in the door to mainland Europe, following conclusion of the BREXIT transition period in December 2020.  It currently provides resource support for the rest of cTc Group from Paris and hence maintaining a presence in Europe.  In due course and as markets stabilise and develop cTc Europe will offer a launchpad for future activities in Europe, which would otherwise prove complex due to the constraints of the UK's departure from the European Union.

cTc Europe is a trading name of Carl Tonks Limited, registered in England and Wales; Company Number 08048957 and in France; SIRET number 89405805600017.

cTc on site near Inverness.

In combination, cTc is able to provide our developer clients with advice and assistance with engineering aspects of their proposals throughout the planning process.  The advice which cTc Group provides is detailed on the following pages, but in summary includes primarily the following pre-planning support;

  • Transport Assessment
  • Transport Statement
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Drainage Strategies and Design
  • Travel Plan Framework
  • Preliminary Highway Design
  • Expert witness representation

Post consent, our services typically include;

  • Construction Traffic Management Plan
  • Detailed Travel Plan

In addition, our asset management services typically comprise;

  • Researching programmed highway works to advise of potential disruption to access / accessibility
  • Liaising with local highway authorities / contractors in order to minimise impact of works or events on commercial premises, thereby protecting and maximising income and profit

Each aspect of cTc's work will remain the responsibility of an individual Project Director or Project Manager, who will be personally responsible for quality, accuracy, budgeting and timeliness of our results and reporting.  Stringent quality controls are applied and cTc maintains a strict policy of quality first and foremost.  Our Project Directors and Managers are rightly proud of our products and work hard to ensure that this pride remains entirely justified.

A short flier introducing cTc and an introductory Group Profile document can be downloaded, below;

cTc Group Profile - 2023